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Snap Shots by Brunika: Let's Instagram the World!

brunika_logoEditor’s Note: Under the Snap Shots segment of Projek Brunei, I have featured photographers like Adam Sulaiman, Ezra Pilpus and Lisa Omarali. I have also featured graphic designers such as Ahmad Wajidi and Wirdy Hamidi. Passion and talent are common traits among them all. I now bring to you an exclusive feature about four fun-loving Bruneian Instagramers. Anyone who denies Instagram as a legitimate photography tool is kidding themselves. In just over a year since its launch, there are already over 12 million Instagramers all over the world snapping away and sharing their photographs through social networks.

So what do you get when you combine Instagram with a bunch of energetic, very talented Bruneians? Brunika. They will soon be officially launching a website ( but for now you can find them on Facebook – Brunika, on Twitter - @IgersBrunika and of course on Instagram - @Brunika.

Brunika is @Amiranas, @Wandirajali, @Kurapak and @MrIguana


What is Brunika?

Brunika is Brunei’s Official Instagram Community. Other countries have their own official groups, for example Indonesia’s iPhonesia, Singapore’s InstaSG, France’s IgersFrance, etc. Officially there are over 140 Instagram groups registered at, a global community of Instagramers. Brunika was unofficially created on 13th May 2011 and was officially registered at Instagramers on 12th August 2011. Since then, already over 20,000 photographs have been shared through the hash tag #Brunika on Instagram. Look for us on Instragram!

Who is behind Brunika?

@Kurapak, @Wandirajali, @Amiranas and @MrIguana (find us on Instagram). We have been friends for a long time, we love going on outings to different places and we especially love travelling to other countries. When we do, we take photographs using our iPhones. We then of course share them through Instagram. And oh, we still live in the same neighborhood here in Brunei!

Describe your photography styles in a few words.

@Kurapak is a ‘trippy traveller’, @Wandirajali is a black and white photography artist, @Amiranas is a master of high dynamic range (HDR) imagery and @MrIguana is a specialist in overcontrast-HDR.

Snap Shots by @Amiranas



Snap Shots by @Kurapak




Snap Shots by @MrIguana



Snap Shots by @Wandirajali




 What is the purpose of Brunika?

Our aim is to unite fellow Bruneians through a photography community, to share knowledge and the art of photography via Instagram, and of course to put Brunei on the map. So far, we have hosted a “Photo of The Week” among our followers, we share information regarding new photo-editing tools, and in October 2011 we hosted an Instagramer challenge to the theme “Brunei Scenery” which was open to all residents of Brunei.

Any exciting projects coming up?

We plan to do an “Instawalk” (photography walk), a local Brunika iPhonegraphy Exhibition and other photography challenges soon. We also have great friendship with the iPhonesia Team and we are discussing the possibility of an ‘Instameet’ between our two countries either in Indonesia or Brunei next year. As for our future plans, we are planning to grow our brand through t-shirt and bumper sticker merchandizing.

Look for us on Instagram and tag your Instagram photographs with “#brunika” to join the fun.

Let's Instagram the World!

Group photograph with the Awesome Four behind Brunika


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