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Game Changer: Yasmine The Movie Yasmine1

Two weeks ago, before watching Yasmine The Movie, I shared:

'From my point of view, "Yasmine" is actually a pretty big deal in the scheme of things. I have a feeling that, consequently, we will see more Bruneian movies in the next few years.

Why do I say this? Because this movie will set a precedent, blaze the trail, and put things into motion. The Creatives will continue to emerge, and we're certainly not short on talent. Plus, Creativity begets Creativity.

Years from now, we will look back and tell our grandkids, "We were there when Yasmine premiered.." '

I watched it last night for the first time, and I stand by my words. Everyone, go watch this film. Kudos to the team!

Photo of @liyanayus by @millpix289photo taken at the #yasminethemovie gala premiere red carpet event last night.

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The People's Sultan The People's Sultan at the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy event. It must be said - this is truly amazing. Such personal, powerful, and precious moments between the Man and his People. Beautiful.

Pictures from the Borneo Bulletin


Pictures from The Brunei Times


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Standard Chartered Bank: Game Time (Coming Soon) Greetings Readers! Check out for a sneak peek at what Standard Chartered Bank has in store for you. Amaaazing prizes are up for grabs! Stay tuned for more information, but in the meantime, Like and Share the Standard Chartered Bank Facebook page, and look out for the next post!

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