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See ya next year! We will be back in 2017. Happy New Year and Season's Greetings!

End of Year Calendar

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Mannequin Challenge Accepted!

Check out the Royal Brunei Mannequin Challenge!

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Video: What Makes a Bruneian? This video has been gaining loads of traction online.

Check it out.

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Visited: Curtin Sarawak's Open Day 2016 The Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia Open Day was held on 8 October from 10am-5pm. This year's approach to the Open Day leaned towards a more fun and festival-like experience. The day included activities such as competitions, exhibitions and food stalls. Curtin aimed to showcase not only the campus facilities, courses, but the vibrant student community.

I could sense an air of excitement as I walked through the car park to the campus building. The first thing we were met with was an exhibition of courses available at the university. Each booth had its unique way of showcasing the courses. What I particular liked about this showcase is the demonstration that each booth had. The public could also take part in some of the demonstration carried out at these booth. Campus tours were also held to promote the facilities for the prospective student.

IMG 7103

IMG 7117

IMG 7113

IMG 7116

Moving on further into the heart of the campus, we walked into the open field where the festival was held. There were many food vendors carrying a variety of food choices. There were games for people to participate in, and also lucky draws and performances by the students. This concept for the Open Day proved to be an attraction for the younger crowd.

IMG 7190

IMG 7153

IMG 7133

IMG 7141

IMG 7199

Personally, one of the highlights was witnessing the annual Mr & Miss Curtin competition. There were a total of seven male and seven female contestants chosen from the university. A local Malaysian designer was involved in dressing the female models for the competition. To my delight, the panel of judges included local Brunei personalities - QamaruzFarhanna and Phoebe Chok.

IMG 7176

IMG 7175

IMG 7179

IMG 7188

More information on Curtin Sarawak Open Day 2016 is available at One can also call Curtin Sarawak’s Corporate Communications Department at +6085-443806 or email for enquiries.

For more information on Curtin Sarawak, visit its website (, its Facebook page (Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia), Twitter profile (curtinsarawak), YouTube channel (CurtinUniSarawak) or Instagram (curtinsarawak).

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